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ServerFreak / VPNFreak opens its door to business in 2003 under the management of the company Future Net and since then we have become one of the fastest growing hosting provider in Malaysia. We specializes in providing web hosting solutions for almost all range of purposes –personal blogs, email solutions, corporate websites, databases and the list goes on.

Our aim is to provide simple and affordable hosting solutions to enable our clients to get their websites and email online as quickly and as easily as possible. Through our own experience, we understand that speed to market is vital and we are committed to helping you through every step of launching your web presence.

VPNFreaks Offers

  • Data Security On Public WiFi - Hotspots

    Public hotspots are free and not secure. This means that you are vulnerable to strangers sniffing your personal data like emails, messages, passwords, credit cards number and etc. With VPNfreak, all your personal data are protected from password sniffers !
  • No ISP Control !

    Every ISP is able to monitor what you do on the internet by storing logs records about your internet activity. With VPNfreak, everything is masked and your ISP will no longer be able to monitor your internet activity !
  • No VOIP Blocking & Limitations

    Many mobile network operators block or limit the VoIP internet cals on their Edge or 3G mobile internet connection. They do it to influence customers to make standard GSM calls which means a better profit. With VPNfreak, you will be able to make VoIP internet callson Edge or 3G mobile internet connection. Your mobile operator will not be able to block or limit your VoIP internet calls.
  • Virus & Malware Protection

    Main things every hacker needs to know is their target’s IP Address. With VPNfreak, hackers, trojan horses, will only see our vpn IP server address. We become your virtual firewall !
  • Unblock All Online Services & Websites

    Many internet service provider restrict or block services like skype, VOIP, BitTorrent, RapidShare, and TV Streams. VPNfreak helps you bypass all these restrictions and allow you to enjoy your favourite online resources ! Your P2P downloading will be faster too !
  • Same Speed All Day

    Nearly all ISP’s impose speed limiting of certain protocols at peak times, meaning your downloading and browsing slows, or in some cases even stops al together on certain sites. By connecting ti VPNfreak, this restriction is overcome and downloading & browsing work properly at all times of the day!
  • Active P2P Download

    If you have only private IP address and you are on passive P2P sharing systems like BitTorrent etc. because you are behind NAT firewall (Network Addres Translation). Downloading is slow and you need to wait a lot of time for your data. VPNfreak gives you a public IP and allow you to be active on P2P sharing systems. Downloading will be much faster and you will get your data sooner !
  • Privacy - Strong Encryption

    When you are connected to VPNfreak tunnel, all your web traffic is secured using 2048 bit encryption. This protect your information as it travels between your computer and our servers.